Creating an Eye Catching Resume

To submit your confidential resume, please email it to us as a Microsoft Word document attachment to:

Please include:

  1. Cover letter stating your salary and benefit requirements along with your desired location
    • When including a cover page, please use the cover page as the first page of the resume not as a separate document.
  2. Resume
    • When you submit your resume please do so as a MS Word document attachment.
    • Do not use any formatting in the resume. Do not send it in RTF (rich text format).
    • Do not send your resume in the body of the email.
    • When listing dates of employment – indicate month and year not just the year. Include your email address on your resume
    • If your current email address is not professional sounding, please consider setting up a new account with yahoo or hotmail or another company. Then be certain to check it frequently or have your original email address “pop” for mail from the new one.
  3. Reference list

Your resume is kept confidential until you give permission for us to release your personal information.

We require all candidates to give us permission to perform a background screening in writing. We perform background screening during offer process – all offers are made contingent on positive results of background screening.


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